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20+ years protecting businesses against global security threats.

Is your organisation safe?

There’s a lot at stake and you can’t guard against the increasing number of risks alone. Whether you need to assess and respond to cyber threats or mitigate risks and enhance decision making, we’re security and technology experts who’ll help protect your organisation against a wide range of security threats.

Cyber Defence

Keep your systems safe. Our trusted protective services reduce your organisation’s exposure ensuring cyber resilience. Find out more.

Cyber Technology

Defend your organisation. Get technology offering advanced threat detection, security incident and event management. Find out more.


Protect your business with strategic intelligence. Our actionable intelligence protects you and supports your decision-making process. Find out more.

Based in the UK

We’re innovative, trusted, proactive cyber defence, intelligence and technology specialists based in London and Birmingham, UK. Find out more.

Safeguard your organisation with Falanx

Mitigate risks, protect your brand and improve the decision-making process across the digital and physical business landscape. Our experienced and friendly staff are here to help.
Trusted reliable experts

Work with the very best in the industry, share the weight of your responsibility.

Get compliant

Bring your business in line with industry standards. Ensure you get compliant.

Actionable intelligence

Get actionable analysis so you can make reasoned strategic business decisions.

Keep people safe

Understand places and people where you operate. Keep your staff and business safe.

“Working with Falanx we’ve been able to build information security into our IT solution from the design stages, safeguarding the information we process. All tests indicate we’ve developed a very strong, secure system”

Arne Wolters, The Health Foundation

“Falanx have always worked closely with us to define the correct scope to meet risk appetite and cost constraints and have been professional in every aspect of their approach. We continue to use Falanx for all of our testing needs and foresee this being the case for the future.”

James Crane, Seven Investment Management

Defend your business against security threats