Falanx Cyber

Falanx Cyber combine traditional cyber security services such as Penetration Testing, Consulting, and Red Teaming with a cutting-edge MDR service, to provide complete end-to-end coverage for your business.

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Falanx Assynt

Falanx Assynt help organisations understand their global risk exposure, providing the privileged information needed to support strategic investment decisions and to increase the profitability, security, and efficiency of their operations.

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Falanx Technologies

Falanx Technologies is our ‘behind the scenes’ team responsible for developing innovative new solutions that challenge industry standards and status quo. Devising new and alternative ways for your organisations to monitor and respond to Cyber Security threats.

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First Base Technologies

Acquired in 2018, First Base Technologies is a leading cyber security testing, consulting and training services provider with three decades of experience. Providing services such as Threat and Risk Analysis (TARA) and Red Teaming, we help to defend your organisation in this ever-changing threat landscape

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Our latest acquisition are security experts who deliver pragmatic advice, practical solutions and solve security challenges across the Digital, Cloud, Cyber and Data Protection (GDPR) domains. We are challenging the perception and culture of security to enable organisations, through the application of experience, expertise and innovation.

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