Hello, We are Falanx Group.

20+ years protecting businesses against global security threats.

Located in Birmingham and London, UK

Understanding the threat landscape is vital to knowing how your organisation may be exposed. There’s a lot at stake and you can’t guard against the increasing number of risks alone. We offer end to end solutions and complete peace of mind through our Falanx Cyber Defence, Falanx Intelligence and Falanx Cyber Technology divisions.

Falanx Group protect and defend businesses against global security threats.

Complete, proactive cyber defence, intelligence and technology. Scalable and affordable.

Partnering closely with our clients, we use our intelligence, vigilance, tools and technology to provide targeted threat prevention to businesses like yours. Whether your need for cyber resilience is rooted in remaining compliant or mitigating risk, our experienced and friendly staff are here to help.

Deep understanding of industry requirements and the far reaching implications of cyber breaches enables us to help you make better informed, confident choices. Benefit from our trusted, reliable team and forgo the stress associated with protecting your business

Our target audience

– Critical National Infrastructure
– Defence & Intelligence
– Technology
– Financial
– Government
– Manufacturing
– Retails & transport
– SME’s

We specialise in

– Information technology risk
– Vulnerability management
– 24 x 7 protective monitoring
– Intrusion detection
– Incident response remediation

Mike Read

Chairman and acting CEO

John Robert Blamire

Founder & Director

Emma Jane Shaw

Non-Executive Director

Jay Abbott

Executive Director

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