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Unparalleled reputation for quality and commitment

Since it was established in 2003, the Assynt brand has been synonymous with the highest levels of quality, accuracy, reliability and expertise when it comes to geopolitical intelligence. This includes the early identification of emerging risks, and specific predictions of future business-relevant developments.

Discover the Assynt Report

Predictive geopolitical intelligence to safeguard your interests

We are trusted for our analytical approach, rigour, and deep subject matter expertise. Use our informed assessments to protect you from financial and reputational loss, and mitigate potential risk.

The Assynt Report

Predictive and actionable analysis of geopolitical and security risks to guide your strategic decision making.

Embedded Analysts

Add knowledge and experience to your organisation to protect against political, security, and reputational risks.

About Us

15 years of helping organisations across the globe understand, predict, and manage complex risks and issues.

Intelligence Consulting

Tailored intelligence to help your organisation assess opportunities and mitigate risks.