Strategic advice and predictive intelligence in core emerging markets.

For 15 years, Assynt’s multinational clients have relied on us to help them understand, predict, and manage complex risks and issues. Our synthesis of information and rigorous analysis feeds into the geopolitical, security and investment decisions that enable clients to protect and grow their business interests.

Understand your global risk exposures


We provide clients with the privileged information they need to support strategic investment decisions and to increase the profitability, security, and efficiency of their operations.

Predictive intelligence to safeguard your interests


We are trusted for our analytical approach, rigour, and deep subject matter expertise. Our informed assessments protect clients from financial and reputational loss, and mitigate potential risk.

The Assynt Report

Intelligence Consulting

Embedded Analysts

Meet the Assynt team

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Regular reporting and analysis

Our Assynt Reports sets the benchmark for predictive geopolitical analysis.

Unique insight and expertise

We are known for our unparalleled insight into jihadist trends and activities.

Benefit from our expertise in your office

Dedicated Assynt analysts embedded into your team to provide rounded integration.

Bespoke strategic intelligence

We deliver customized and actionable reports to support your critical business decisions.

Protect your business with actionable intelligence