05 November 2020

This Week’s COVID-19 Snapshot

The weekly snapshot provides expert insight on the outbreak and its widespread impact. In this edition, we highlight economy Jordan’s parliamentary elections amid a surge in cases, the UAE’s plan to stimulate its economy in a bid to offset the economic impact of the virus.

04 November 2020 – Jordan


  • Planned post-poll lockdown indicates government will not delay elections over virus, but COVID-19 cases will rise in interim
  • Calls for boycott over virus fears suggest voter turnout will be low, increasing potential for discontent with new government over longer term
  • King will likely retain Prime Minister al-Khasawneh and key ministers in new government in order to provide policy continuity


30 October 2020 – UAE


  • Measures to stimulate economic recovery in Dubai will remain a priority in coming months as part of ongoing efforts to mitigate impact of COVID-19
  • High levels of COVID-19 testing will continue, with subsidised tests for visitors and proposed airbridges in efforts to boost tourism sector
  • Dubai and Abu Dhabi will look to approve more pro-business measures to further build country’s reputation as an international business hub

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