08 October 2020

This Week’s COVID-19 Snapshot

The weekly snapshot provides expert insight on the outbreak and its widespread impact. In this edition, we highlight how infection rates resurgence will affect the possibility of a snap election in Malaysia, Jordan’s upcoming November election and the UAE‘s approach to testing and restrictions.


08 October 2020 – Malaysia


  • Sabah local election win will boost support for Muhyiddin, but rise in COVID-19 cases will reduce likelihood of nationwide snap election
  • New COVID-19 outbreak will increase pressure on government, particularly since Muhyiddin and other cabinet ministers are now self-quarantining
  • Government will introduce local restrictions to limit spread of virus, but business disruption will be largely contained to areas where case rates are highest


07 October 2020 – Jordan


  • Government will resist imposing new national lockdown ahead of November elections despite rising COVID-19 infections
  • Authorities will favour geographically targeted restrictions and stronger enforcement of social distancing rules, including increased fines
  • Islamic Action Front will seek to capitalise on popular anger over economic hardship and align with independent candidates ahead of polls


02 October 2020 – UAE


  • Government will prioritise testing and targeted restrictions following recent rise in COVID-19 cases in effort to limit economic contraction
  • Concerns over economic growth will mean Abu Dhabi seeks to avoid full lockdown, but stricter federal restrictions are likely
  • Slowdown in international travel will continue to impact tourism sector and hinder Dubai’s recovery despite increased testing for airline passengers

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