10 December 2020

This Week’s COVID-19 Snapshot

In this edition, we highlight how China’s technology investment will facilitate vaccine distribution, the likelihood of Indonesia’s partial restrictions extending into 2021 and in our Global Themes report we address how state-sponsored vaccine disinformation and cyberattacks will rise following western approval.

09 December 2020 – China


  • Chinese outbound tech investments will correlate with vaccine distribution, both of which will face greater regulatory scrutiny from US and its allies
  • Global use of Chinese technology will increase rapidly in emerging markets, including in 5G, smart cities, cloud computing and satellite navigation
  • Western firms will have to work more with US, Europe and Japan tech partners, raising challenges for multinationals working across different jurisdictions


08 December 2020 – Philippines


  • Partial COVID-19 restrictions likely to remain in place throughout 2021 despite new efforts to secure access to vaccines
  • AstraZeneca vaccine not expected to arrive until second quarter, meaning scope for widespread rollout before next winter will be limited
  • Government will prioritise distributing initial doses in major economic hubs, including Metro Manila and Davao and Cebu cities


07 December 2020 – Global Themes


  • First Western COVID-19 vaccine approval will increase spread of anti-vax disinformation and fuel cyberattacks against pharmaceutical sector
  • Logistics companies, particularly those involved in ‘cold chain’ distribution, will face increased threat of state-led cyberespionage
  • Threat of criminal activity targeting vaccine distribution will rise in parallel, including increased risk of disruptive ransomware attacks

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