14 May 2020

This Week’s COVID-19 Snapshot

The weekly snapshot provides expert insight on the outbreak and its widespread impact. In this edition, we assess the coronavirus economic and industry recovery plans for Colombia, Jordan, Lebanon, and India.


14 May 2020 – Colombia


  • Avianca Chapter 11 filing heralds major restructuring of Latin American airlines, with knock-on impacts on business
  • Company’s financial difficulties will put jobs, contractors and Colombia’s tourism industry at risk
  • Government will face pressure to help rescue airline but will be wary of making commitments due to uncertainty over post-pandemic air travel


13 May 2020 – Jordan


  • End to COVID-19 restrictions will aid economic recovery but government will tighten border controls to prevent second wave of infections
  • Quarantine requirements will likely result in delays to commercial traffic and will remain in place until neighbouring states bring virus outbreaks under control
  • Global downturn will continue to effect key sectors and depress economic growth in coming months despite efforts to stimulate domestic economy


13 May 2020 – Lebanon


  • Public opposition to government’s economic rescue plan will impede implementation of reforms and prolong economic crisis
  • Hizballah support for IMF engagement represents success for prime minister, but negotiations will be difficult and protracted
  • Anger over proposed austerity measures will fuel further socioeconomic protests despite ongoing risks posed by COVID-19


12 May 2020 – India


  • Fourth phase of lockdown likely to see significant loosening of restrictions to revive economic activity in areas reporting fewer COVID-19 cases
  • Restrictions will vary heavily across country, with containment measures remaining in place in areas reporting high case numbers
  • Major financial package will aim to support businesses and workers, but government will remain under pressure to continue easing lockdown, fuelling virus’ spread

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