17 December 2020

This Week’s COVID-19 Snapshot

In this edition, we highlight how Vietnam’s state-sponsored hackers are targeting COVID-19 interests and the economic and material wellbeing of those affected by the pandemic across Jordan.

17 December 2020 – Vietnam


  • Exposure of state-backed hacking group reflects increasing cybersecurity risks, particularly targeting COVID-19 interests
  • Efforts to roll out domestically made COVID-19 vaccine in 2021 will be notable driver of cyberespionage intent
  • Broader rise in cyber threat will increase need for strengthened security measures including software filters, firewalls and employee training


16 December 2020 – Jordan


  • Support for families affected by COVID-19 highlights fears over rise in poverty but low revenues will constrain efforts to boost growth
  • COVID-19 restrictions will limit opportunity for protests in near term, while fears over public backlash will prompt delays to austerity measures
  • Rising anger over high unemployment and economic hardships will increase risk of demonstrations in coming year

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