22 October 2020

This Week’s COVID-19 Snapshot

The weekly snapshot provides expert insight on the outbreak and its widespread impact. In this edition, we highlight how Kenya’s government will maintain current containment measures, Jordan’s new interim government to adopt stricter lockdown approach and more below.


22 October 2020 – Kenya


  • Government will avoid imposing new nationwide containment measures in coming months despite rising COVID-19 cases
  • Counties including Nairobi, Mombasa and Nakuru likely to face localised restrictions given high infection rates, but government will prioritise economic
    recovery efforts
  • Growing pressure on government revenues will mean authorities pursue more aggressive tax regime, and increase borrowing in coming months


21 October 2020 – South Africa


  • President’s economic recovery plan will boost infrastructure investment, but will require tax rises and delay public sector reforms
  • Increased public sector spending to facilitate job creation will force Treasury to delay planned spending cuts and increase borrowing
  • Delays to reforms and unwillingness to restructure state-owned firms will limit private sector investment and depress growth over longer term


21 October 2020 – Jordan


  • New interim government will adopt stricter approach to COVID-19, increasing containment measures ahead of parliamentary polls
  • Weekend lockdowns will continue with government likely to tighten border monitoring, extend localised restrictions and curb travel
  • Government will be willing to delay elections beyond November to bring infection rates down ahead of vote


21 October 2020 – Israel-Palestine


  • Partial easing of lockdown will provide limited boost to businesses over coming months but will likely fail to raise Likud’s short-term popularity
  • Anti-Netanyahu protests will continue over remainder of year in part fuelled by anger over sustained restrictions to curb COVID-19
  • Local lockdowns will stoke tensions with ultra-Orthodox communities though Likud’s alliance with religious parties will remain unaffected for now

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