24 September 2020

This Week’s COVID-19 Snapshot

The weekly snapshot provides expert insight on the outbreak and its widespread impact. In this edition, we highlight South Africa’s downgrade of alert level in the hope to enable further movement and improve economic conditions, Malaysia’s COVID-19 cases spike and Israel’s second national lockdown amidst criticisms of government corruption and handling of the COVID-19 crisis.


24 September 2020 – South Africa


  • COVID-19 alert-level downgrade will see most restrictions on movement lifted but will fail to avert economic contraction and rising unemployment
  • Persistent COVID-19 outbreaks and associated travel restrictions in Europe and US will limit attempts to revive tourism sector
  • Mounting economic challenges and strain on public finances will prompt public wage cuts, raising risk of labour union protests in coming year


23 September 2020 – Malaysia


  • Localised spike in COVID-19 cases and continued restrictions on international travel will prolong economic recovery
  • Prime minister will seek to boost public and parliamentary support with additional fiscal stimulus measures in coming months
  • Government will respond to any further rise in infections with local lockdowns rather than nationwide measures, limiting wider business disruption


23 September – Israel-Palestine


  • Second nationwide lockdown in Israel will temporarily reduce momentum of anti-government protests in coming weeks
  • Police will be empowered to swiftly disperse protests, but criticism over corruption will ensure demonstrations resume once restrictions ease
  • Rising infection rates in Palestinian territories will also likely necessitate renewed restrictions to protect vulnerable public health systems

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