29 October 2020

This Week’s COVID-19 Snapshot

The weekly snapshot provides expert insight on the outbreak and its widespread impact. In this edition, we highlight Bolsonaro’s decision to block the Chinese vaccine as well as the rise in the anti-vaxxer sentiment, Algeria’s referendum prospects since president Tebboune’s COVID-19 hospitalisation and the strengthened lockdown measures across Sri Lanka.

29 October 2020 – Brazil


  • Bolsonaro’s moves to block Chinese vaccine and obligatory vaccinations could delay mass immunisations into mid-late 2021
  • Geopolitical considerations and domestic political rivalries will drive president’s opposition to Chinese vaccines
    recovery efforts
  • Rising anti-vaxxer sentiment will also disrupt attempts to roll out any eventual vaccine


28 October 2020 – Algeria


  • Referendum on constitutional changes will go ahead despite president’s confinement to hospital following suspected COVID-19 exposure
  • Anti-government protests will intensify in coming days, but likely passage of constitutional amendments will reduce support for activists in longer term
  • Increase in COVID-19 infection rate will likely prompt increased containment measures once referendum has taken place


23 October 2020 – Sri Lanka


  • Major increase in daily new COVID-19 cases will prompt further local restrictions in west rather than national lockdown in coming weeks
  • Government will increase testing and curfews around areas reporting large outbreaks in effort to prevent significant outbreak in capital
  • New testing requirements for outbound passengers will cause further disruption to air travel and tourism sector in coming months

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