3 September 2020

This Week’s COVID-19 Snapshot

The weekly snapshot provides expert insight on the outbreak and its widespread impact. In this edition, we highlight the increased uncertainty for public sector workers in Kuwait as the coronavirus pandemic exacerbates the impact on national finances, Myanmar’s continued military clashes raise concern over virus spread in worst-affected areas and more.


28 August 2020 – Kuwait


  • Government will increase pressure on MPs to pass public debt law but threat public sector wages will go unpaid is exaggerated
  • Substantial cash reserves and potential for asset sales will prevent liquidity crunch though bond issuance remains government’s favoured approach
  • Government will maintain anti-graft efforts given popularity of corruption crackdown, increasing scrutiny of business personnel and senior officials


28 August 2020 – Myanmar


  • Ruling party will present signing of new Union Accord as major success but lack of progress on state autonomy will continue to undermine ceasefire
  • State-level autonomy may be discussed at talks next year but military unwillingness to offer rebels concessions will limit progress on comprehensive ceasefire
  • Clashes will continue between military and Arakan Army in Rakhine ahead of November elections, fuelling spread of COVID-19 in worst-affected state


27 August 2020 – China


  • Government will successfully address short-term concerns over food security and inflation but will struggle to boost broader domestic consumption
  • Rising income inequality will constrain new ‘dual circulation’ economic policy, which aims to boost domestic markets
  • Beijing’s investment-heavy approach to economic recovery will support growth in coming year but need for structural reform will persist

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