4 June 2020

This Week’s COVID-19 Snapshot

The weekly snapshot provides expert insight on the outbreak and its widespread impact. In this edition, we highlight how China plans to slowly reopen international business travel as they emerge from the pandemic as well as examining Brazil’s nationwide political crisis and more.


4 June 2020 – China


  • Government will seek to resume limited international business travel with certain countries, though decisions over openings will be highly politicised
  • Relaxation of travel restrictions will allow multinationals to slowly resume regular cross-border operations and engagement with Chinese partners
  • Health requirements will sustain significant delays for travellers, and short-notice reimposition of travel bans is likely


3 June 2020 – Brazil


  • Deepening political crisis will trigger increased protests and prevent coordinated response to COVID-19 outbreak
  • Investigations into President Bolsonaro and threat of impeachment will progress slowly but could lead to his removal from office
  • Government will also be unable to continue economic reforms or develop policies to reduce impact of economic downturn


3 June – Egypt


  • Government will seek to address doctors’ criticism of COVID-19 response but will maintain crackdown on dissent in order to prevent wider public unrest
  • Continued crackdown on critics and media will prevent formation of organised protests and limit challenges to political stability
  • Should COVID-19 deaths significantly increase, government will be willing to impose localised restrictions but will continue to ease measures nationwide


2 June 2020 – Philippines


  • Economic strain of pandemic will hasten unilateral introduction of digital taxes, increasing compliance burden for multinationals
  • Government will look to capitalise on increased demand for online services and anticipated long-term growth of online shopping platforms
  • Acute need to broaden tax base due to rising deficit means digital tax bill will receive strong political backing

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