24 August 2019



  • Government will prioritise attracting foreign investment including offering tax incentives in effort to progress infrastructure development plans
  • Continued economic growth will help mitigate concerns over reliance on foreign investors
  • Opposition will be unable to foment discontent over infrastructure plans unless projects reject local labour or cause environmental damage


Finance Ministry officials are considering a draft proposal for a USD 500 million infrastructure investment fund, local media reported on 20 August. The proposal by the Public Private Partnership Authority (PPPA) reportedly envisages the fund will be 80% funded by the private sector, with investors offered tax and duty waivers as an incentive. The remaining 20% will come from government funds.

Infrastructure development is a key part of the Government’s Vision 2021 economic programme, which aims to turn Bangladesh into a middle-income nation ahead of the 50th anniversary…

Source: World Bank

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