15 August 2019



  • Escalating protests in Hong Kong will increase operational challenges and reputational risks for businesses
  • Smaller groups of radical activists will become more violent and less predictable, while police will also use increasing force to disperse crowds
  • Beijing will remain highly unlikely to deploy mainland troops, but will aim to project capability and willingness to intervene


Hong Kong International Airport cancelled more than 500 flights on 12 and 13 August, after several thousands of protestors occupied the arrivals hall and departure terminals. While the airport protests were largely peaceful, police clashed with protestors in the terminal building late on 13 August, after angry crowds tied up and injured two individuals suspected of being undercover police officers, one of whom was later identified as a reporter for Chinese state media outlet Global Times. A citywide strike on 5 August had also earlier led to the cancellation of more than 200 flights, as well as disruption to…


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