Leverage our resources to bolster your capacity

Resource constraints and fast-moving risks can leave your business exposed to political, security, and reputational risks.

Avoid information overload

Ensure your team has the capacity to process information and apply it to your business’ needs. Our embedded analysts have the knowledge and experience to support and strengthen the security, risk, and intelligence functions within your organisation.
Falanx Assynt

We take the weight off your shoulders

Benefit from integrating our highly trained, experienced analysts into your team without the costs, time, and complexities associated with hiring a full-time employee.
Avoid information overload

Benefit from a fully trained Assynt analyst integrated into your team.

Secure service offering

All embedded analysts sign a Confidentiality Agreement. Their first duty of confidentiality is to your company.

Cost effective solution

Embed an analyst in your office on a timeshare basis. Avoid the stress and costs of a full-time hire and headcount concerns.

Assynt Report Subscription

As part of an embed package, you enjoy access to the market-leading Assynt Report in addition to other in-house Assynt databases.

Versatile quality candidates

Choose the right individual for your business from a shortlist of capable, versatile, and pre-vetted candidates.

Adaptable service

Our embed offering can be tailored to your needs and remains flexible as your requirements evolve.

The Assynt Report

Intelligence Consulting

Embedded Analysts

Meet the Assynt team

Leverage our resources and avoid information overload with our Embedded Analysts