Intelligence Consulting

Falanx Assynt’s business and strategic intelligence consulting services provide clients with tailored intelligence to assess opportunities and mitigate risks.

Evading risk, spotting opportunity

We identify issues and offer solutions whether you’re looking at new markets or facing problems such as corruption, unethical behaviour, litigation and disputes, or political intervention.

Falanx Assynt

Do you understand your political, security, and business risks?

We are agile, provide transparency of sourcing, and offer access to our senior analysts so you get rapid and privileged information to support critical business decisions.

Prevent loss and inform decision making

We are known and trusted for rigour, analysis and depth of knowledge. We provide informative assessments that protect clients from financial and reputational loss, and facilitate sound investment decisions.

Global reach, local expertise

Our strength lies in the quality and experience of our staff, our access to well-informed sources, and rigorous analysis of open source information and data. We work closely with the client to understand their specific concerns and respond with market-leading intelligence.

Geopolitical and strategic intelligence

Providing clients with highly tailored, in-depth reports to answer specific questions on risks, trends, and future developments in key markets and regions.

Enhanced and integrity due diligence

Helping you to understand and be comfortable with the background, reputation, financial standing, and ethical status of potential business counterparties.

In-depth competitor intelligence

Allowing our clients to understand better the strengths and weaknesses of their key competitors and the markets in which they operate.


Pre-market entry and market re-entry reports

Outlining the political, commercial, regulatory and security risks of a particular market, including sector specific analysis and the mapping of key decision takers, gatekeepers and stakeholders.

Crisis and dispute resolution

Providing critical commercial, political and local intelligence, and risk mitigation advice to resolve complex commercial challenges.

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Intelligence Consulting

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