As part of major enhancements to Falanx Assynt’s leading strategic intelligence service, we have developed a brand new, custom-built online portal. The portal is designed to deliver expert analysis and forward-looking intelligence on strategic issues facing global organisations with interests in emerging markets to key business decision makers, senior intelligence, security, and risk professionals.

Using major enhancements in software, visualisation, aesthetics and functionality, the new portal opens up a range of key new features and benefits for our clients including:

Intelligence Reports

  • Delivered on a rolling fortnightly basis to the online portal and via email based on individual subscriber preferences.
  • Provides clear and committed predictions on the likely trajectory of the key risk issues identified.
  • Supported by in-depth analysis of the drivers, linkages, combined effects and likely scenarios.

Country Forecasts

  • Provides short, medium and long-term trend indicators for Domestic Stability, Geopolitical Dynamics, Terrorism Threat, Business Environment and Reputational Risk for each country.
  • Uses a simple sliding forecast scale of significant improvement, slight improvement, no change, slight deterioration, significant deterioration.
  • Reviewed in parallel to fortnightly intelligence process and at dedicated quarterly intervals.

User Dashboard

  • Quick reference access to latest Intelligence Reports on subscribed countries, plus special report types.
  • Configuration options for email delivery preferences for each individual user, including access to a User Guide and Methodology Reference.
  • Enables visibility of current company subscribed countries and additional countries available.

Advanced Search

  • Search and filter through a comprehensive range of keywords, structured data fields, and date ranges.
  • Export search results in a range of file formats or print directly from the portal.
  • Conduct in-depth research on specific locations, topics, actors or issues from an extensive multi-year archive of over 6,000 Intelligence Reports that is continually growing.

Development Timeline

  • Provided separately from main Intelligence Reports to give a quick reference overview of latest major developments.
  • Covers headline summary of key developments across any of the 5 areas of the Risk Framework.
  • Acts as a quick reference tool alongside our well-known strategic analysis reports.

Configurable Mapping

  • Configurable map to overlay your choice of risk category and forecast period to create customised map view at the global, regional or country level.
  • Enables visual representation of key risk priorities over short, medium or long term across an area of responsibility.
  • Offers export functionality to support internal products, reports or presentations.


If you are an existing user of the Assynt Report, your account will be automatically migrated to our new system. To register for free trial access of the Assynt Report, please follow this link.