Posted: 18 June 2019

America’s ‘extreme pressure’ on Iran risks Middle East chaos, China warns

Alexander Sehmer of the security and geopolitical consultancy Falanx Assynt, told Newsweek that Iran’s alleged actions are carefully measured to avoid all-out war. The actions “are proportional to the ramping up of U.S. pressure on Iran and calibrated to cause significant damage and disruption, but also to maintain the right degree of deniability and avoid forcing an outright confrontation,” he said.

Fears of a spiraling regional war carry some weight, he added, noting that other actors are already indirectly involved in the U.S.-Iranian standoff. “The Houthis in Yemen are encouraged by the Iranians to bomb Saudi targets and there is the potential for conflict in Iraq where Iranian and U.S. elements overlap,” he explained.

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