24 May 2019



  • Suspension of controversial projects will minimise local unrest, but Kremlin will struggle to appease wider anger over austerity and living standards
  • Government’s ability to offer concessions will be constrained by ongoing fiscal pressures, while phased cuts to social spending and tax increases likely in coming year
  • Kremlin will continue to harass and detain opposition figures to prevent opposition from capitalising on anger towards authorities and economic discontent


The Government on 16 May announced the suspension of a USD 162 billion project to build a new landfill site in the northern city of Arkhangelsk as part of a plan to alleviate levels of waste in the capital. The decision follows protests by thousands of local residents over the past three months, with officials suggesting that community consultations and surveys would be held to determine the future of the project. Similarly, Moscow suspended construction of a new cathedral in the city of Yekaterinburg on 20 May, promising to hold…


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