17 May 2019



  • Houthi drone strikes indicate risk of attack on Kingdom’s oil facilities will rise in coming months as tensions escalate between US and Tehran
  • Houthi drone capabilities will remain limited leaving oil facilities in southern border region as most likely targets
  • Attacks will be intended to highlight wider economic risks of support for US attempts to halt Iranian oil exports


Saudi Arabia reported on 14 May that two oil pumping stations near the cities of Afif and Dawadmi, located approximately 320 km west of Riyadh, had been hit by suspected armed drones. The attack was claimed by Yemen-based Houthi rebels. Although Riyadh said the attack did not disrupt output and caused only minor damage to one of the stations, the incident prompted state oil company Saudi Aramco to temporarily suspend the East-West pipeline, to which the stations are linked, in order to assess the damage. The attack came…


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