12 June 2019


  • Violent clashes in Hong Kong reflect anger over proposed extradition law, which will raise risk of further large-scale protests in coming months
  • Beijing will continue efforts to pass extradition law despite widespread public discontent over proposals
  • Extradition law risks damaging investor confidence, but will not significantly undermine Hong Kong’s status as commercial hub


Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse tens of thousands of protestors in central Hong Kong on 12 June after participants blocked roads, preventing access to the Legislative Council building in Admiralty, to the east of the central business district. While the protests started peacefully in the morning, efforts to expand the protest area, as well as attempts to enter the Legislative Council, prompted sustained clashes between security forces and protestors. Local media reported that at least 72 people were injured, and the protests caused significant disruption to roads, public transport, and business operations in the area. The protestors were demanding the Government abandon…

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