Following 17th January’s deadly attack in Bogota, our LatAm analysts have produced a Special Report on the implications of the incident for domestic stability and foreign business interests.

Please see our Predictions below:


Bogota bombing illustrates risk of sporadic militant violence but does not indicate increased threat

National outrage over attack will ensure President receives strong backing to pursue tougher security measures against militants

Apparent “suicide” tactic is unprecedented in Colombia and will not be repeated by local militants


A car bomb exploded at a police academy in Bogota on 17 January, killing 21 people and injuring 68 more. Many of those killed were cadets, including one Ecuadorean police cadet. Witnesses said a bomb-detection dog alerted security guards to the suspect vehicle at the compound’s entrance, but the driver refused to stop and instead accelerated a short distance before colliding with a wall, at which point the car detonated… Request the full report here.