The Telegraph

Posted: 13 July 2019

Britain offers to release impounded Iranian tanker as it seeks to defuse tensions

Charles Hollis Falanx Assynt MD assesses the nuance between the Iranian threats in the Gulf waters, EU sanctions on Syria, the nuclear deal and much more. Access the full article for Charles’ complete expert evaluation.

It is quite a nuanced difference,” said Charles Hollis, a former British diplomat in Tehran. “The big story is the confrontation over the nuclear deal and although this is, legally and diplomatically, a separate issue, in the minds of Iranians it is quite a fine distinction.

Mr Hollis, who held posts in Iran, as well as Iraq and Saudi Arabia, told the Sunday Telegraph that the UK needed a more coherent policy on Iran, as any “misunderstanding or miscalculation” could lead to an escalation in the current climate.

Military chiefs are very vigilant and doing what they can, but at the top level, there are clearly other things that are a priority at present,” said Mr Hollis, who now works as managing director of risk management Falanx Assynt.

There isn’t much of a clear foreign policy,” he said, which could be a danger if it is exploited by the Iranians.

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