02 August 2019



  • Houthi attack on Aden military parade shows rebels will maintain pressure on coalition as its members seek to create conditions for withdrawal
  • Materiel support from Iran means Houthis will remain able to conduct sophisticated attacks on pro-government forces and to target Saudi Arabia
  • Southern separatists will exploit death of senior leader to bolster presence in South, raising risk of clashes with government supporters


At least 32 people were killed in a missile and drone attack against a military parade in Aden, the seat of the internationally recognised Government, on 1 August. Among the casualties was a senior Yemeni commander, Brigadier General Munair al-Yafae. Houthi rebels claimed responsibility, saying they had used a medium-range ballistic missile and an armed drone to target forces preparing for an assault on Houthi-held territory north of the city. The military camp where the attack took place is used by UAE-backed “Security Belt” forces.

The Houthis have previously used drones to target military parades in the area, for instance killing the Army Intelligence Chief and five others in a similar attack on the al-Anad air base…

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