14 November 2019



  • Mokha attack shows Houthis will target coalition-held areas to maintain pressure in coming months amid lower tempo of attacks in Saudi Arabia
  • Threat to high-profile Saudi sites such as oil infrastructure will fall as Houthis seek…
  • Coalition forces will continue operations in border areas and…



Iran-backed Houthi rebels launched drone and missile attacks against government-aligned forces in the Red Sea port city of Mokha on 6 November. The strikes killed at least eight people and caused widespread fires which damaged warehouses used by pro-government forces, as well as a hospital run by the humanitarian organisation Doctors Without Borders.

The attack came the day after Saudi-backed President Hadi’s government signed a deal with the separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC), aiming to end a power struggle that has worsened violence in the South since August (see our last Report). The deal was expected to be finalised in mid-October but was


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