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Let us take care of cyber threats, while you focus on doing what you do best.

Every organisation faces the same cyber threats.

Whether a hospital, a corporate giant, a school, or a SME. Around the clock, the risks are growing and the consequences are becoming everyday conversation. Unfortunately, malicious cyber activity is a common denominator across all industries, sectors and geographies.

Let us help you help your customers.

Our Partners are discerning organisations who care about their customers, who are bringing value in their own way, investing in their people, and their products and services, and are continuously on a mission to improve on the value they deliver. So why should these synergies, collaborations, and productive relationships be wholly undermined by crippling cyberattack?

You don’t have to keep abreast of the advancements in cybercrime.

You and your customers need to stay focussed on your core business; you’re not equipped to counter this ceaseless cyber terrorism. At Falanx, we are dedicated to giving our customers a fighting chance; we do this through identifying the vulnerabilities, and equipping staff with the knowhow to minimise weaknesses and contain the debilitating effects of a security breach.

Our capabilities complement our Partners’ offerings.

Through a honed down penetration testing service, we can ascertain where defences should be bolstered. Through consultancy, including social engineering, we can help instil best practice in the workforce. And through MidGARD, our 24/7 threat monitoring service, we can identify breaches in near real-time and advise on how to protect and mitigate.

Free up your valuable time and resource, so you can focus on delivering your own individual value through doing what you do best, and become a Falanx Cyber Channel Partner today

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