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Falanx Cyber puts enterprise-class cyber security services within reach of every organisation.

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Helping to keep your business safe

We identify areas of cyber risk threatening the integrity of your business and provide complete end-to-end managed cyber security services to alleviate those risks. Combining proactive managed detection and response services with penetration testing, incident response and consultancy.

Advisory Services

Improve your organisation’s cyber security practices.

Penetration Testing

Uncover critical vulnerabilities in your environment, prioritise and tackle risks based on their exploitability and impact, and meet compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Awareness & Education

Reduce the likelihood of data breaches and cyber-attacks by empowering your staff to recognise and defend against these attacks.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Keep your business safe with a fully-managed monitoring service

Protecting your organisation by detecting the cyber threats that traditional security technologies miss

Threat Assessment

We work with you to define the threats that are relevant to you.

Flexible Monitoring

Protect your organisation with monitoring that is easy to justify, deploy and manage


Complete end to end Security Incident and Event Management

24 x 7 Protection

Get continuous protection and managed, remote monitoring with real-time cyber vigilance

Get Compliant

Bring your business in line with industry standards like GDPR. Ensure you get compliant

Rapid Response

If the worst should happen, our fast response capabilities save you downtime