Assessing the on-going security of your organisation

Regular scanning of your infrastructure is a vital tool to ensure the on-going security of your organisation. A cyber security vulnerability assessment will highlight weaknesses in your systems, taking into account new vulnerabilities being discovered and exploited. Simply running an annual test may not be enough to prevent hackers from using newly-discovered vulnerabilities to penetrate your defences.

Mitigating risks before hackers breach your perimeters

Falanx Cyber’s cyber security vulnerability assessment service uses automated testing tools to assess the security of your external-facing infrastructure on a regular basis, highlighting the main risks so you can mitigate them before the hackers breach the perimeter.

Assessing where your weaknesses are and how you can mitigate them

Falanx Cyber’s vulnerability assessment uses automated tools to assess the services running on your external infrastructure and compare these against a repository of known cyber security vulnerabilities, allowing us to quickly assess where your weaknesses are and how you can mitigate them. Regular vulnerability assessments are best used in conjunction with our penetration testing service to ensure the security of the network perimeter.

Find out how Falanx Cyber’s Vulnerability Assessments can highlight weaknesses