Falanx was struggling to meet its ambition to grow due to the lack of available talent in the cyber security sector. The oversaturated tech hubs in the South of the country were unappealing to Falanx, which was attracted by Birmingham’s recent regeneration and the investment pouring into the region. On top of this, four leading universities in the surrounding area with courses that specialise in cyber security mean that young tech talent is available in abundance, setting it apart from other cities in the UK.

Since moving to Birmingham less than a year ago, Falanx has tripled its staff count. For Jay Abbott, Executive Director of Falanx, the key reason for this has been the access to talent that the city has offered. According to Abbott, this has allowed Falanx to cultivate its cyber security services and focus on “innovating technology in a fast-moving, cutting edge space”. It is also the city’s incredible value for money that has given Falanx the flexibility it needed to expand its workforce and develop its business. For Abbott, being based in Birmingham has “opened a lot of doors that would not have ordinarily opened for us”, with Falanx finding itself becoming an expert in advising businesses on one of the biggest tech challenges: the incoming GDPR regulations. In some ways, Abbott claims, Birmingham has re-discovered its industrial past but is doing this through the lens of technology in the information age. Falanx is determined to be part of this revolution.

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