Capitalise on growth in the cyber and intelligence markets

The worldwide cyber security market is set to be worth $170 billion by 2020. With company losses from cybercrime set to reach the trillions by 2021, it is clear this rapid growth will continue beyond 2020. At the same time, growing political risk across all markets is requiring companies operating globally to reinforce their intelligence and analysis capabilities.

Global talent shortages, widespread lack of business resources, and lack of in-depth geopolitical knowledge means organisations need our managed services, analysis and reporting. Increasing threats, global political uncertainty, and growing needs for cyber security and risk intelligence support our plans to occupy a huge portion of the cyber security and intelligence market. Falanx Group are in a great position to do so through:

Top industry talent

Vast sector expertise at senior management/board level, we have the best talent in the industry.

Investment in capacity

Increased hiring and our Security Operations Centre in Reading has increased capacity.

Investment in product

Expanding our product ranges means we can address the varying needs of our clients