The Assynt Report

Get predictive, forward-looking, and actionable analysis of political and security risks to guide strategic business decision making.

Mitigate risks

Get actionable analysis and make informed strategic business decisions with the Assynt Report.  Gain unique, highly-regarded reporting on political Islam and jihadist groups, as well as Special Reports. Use our unrivalled knowledge of the strategy and activities of the global jihadist movement, and our reasoned authoritative predictions to safeguard your business.

Get the globally respected intelligence report

The Assynt Report is a fortnightly reporting product covering 33 key countries which enables you to get a strategic look-ahead at key security, political, and economic issues. Easily digestible reports enable you to maximise the opportunities for your business and make informed decisions to protect your staff, assets, and investments. 
Prepare, plan ahead

Understanding how risks develop allows you to plan, because reacting is expensive and difficult.

Duty of Care

Understand the places and people where you operate to keep your staff and business safe.

Unlimited access to analysts

Do more with your resources. Unlimited access to our analysts gives clarity and detail when you need it most. 

Understand key threats

Get special reports including Black Banners Monthly, on the strategy and activity of the global jihadist movement.

Inform critical decisions

Get independant, business focussed, actionable intelligence to enable fast decision making.

Mitigate Risks

Get insight to inform critical decisions and mitigate risks in new and emerging markets. 

“Working with Falanx we’ve been able to build information security into our IT solution from the design stages, safeguarding the information we process. All tests indicate we’ve developed a very strong, secure system”

Arne Wolters, The Health Foundation

“Falanx have always worked closely with us to define the correct scope to meet risk appetite and cost constraints and have been professional in every aspect of their approach. We continue to use Falanx for all of our testing needs and foresee this being the case for the future.”

James Crane, Seven Investment Management

The Assynt Report

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Mitigate risks with The Assynt Report