A Matter of Intelligence

In an interview with The World Financial Review, Falanx’s Head of Intelligence Consulting Laura Hamilton speaks on the challenges business face when gathering reliable intelligence as well as guidelines on how to best determine the validity of any given source. In this interview, Hamilton gives her views on the pandemic and its impact on business continuity, predictability, and future planning strategies. Hamilton also offers great advice to women pursuing careers in intelligence.

The World Financial Review

Posted: 12 April 2021

International Trade in 2021: Challenges and Opportunities

What are the prospects for international trade this year? Our Managing Director Charles Hollis assess the future of international trade across developed and emerging economies in this thinkpiece, which examines what the new US administration means for US-China trade relations, the impact of the pandemic on the economic position of key emerging economies and much more.

The World Financial Review

Posted: 09 February 2021

Saudi, Russia rift widens

Given the amount of oil that has gone into storage and reduced demand, resetting the market may be challenging…” Click the button for more on our analysis on the widening Saudi-Russia oil rift.

Energy Voice

Posted: 6 April 2020

Airlines Warn of First Global Traffic Drop Since 2009 on Virus

Even as we see the number of new reported cases of coronavirus in China fall each day, airlines will continue to count the cost of the coronavirus outbreak for some time yet,” For our full assessment on how the coronavirus will impact the global flight traffic read Bloomberg’s latest article.


Posted: 20 February 2020

Risks still persist in the US-Iran crisis, expert says

Charles Hollis, managing director of Falanx, discusses what U.S.-Iran tensions mean for the broader Middle East region.

CNBC video

Rob Shapland, Head of Professional Services and ethical hacker at Falanx Cyber appeared on Sky News to discuss the Travelex Ransomware Attack.

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Rob Shapland, head of cyber awareness at Falanx Cyber, discusses ethical hacking on BBC Breakfast.

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Saudi Arabia oil installations hit in drone attacks

Two Saudi Arabian oil pumping stations were targeted in a drone attack on Tuesday, the kingdom’s energy minister said, as fears rose about the security of Saudi oil infrastructure. In this latest geopolitical news coverage, Falanx MD Charles Hollis talks to FT about the impact from a political and business intelligence point of view. 

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How to secure smart home devices

Lead Security Consultant at Falanx Group, Hitesh Kargathra speaks to TEISS on what it takes to increase the security of our smart devices in this hyper-connected world.

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Radisson hotel group could be GDPR test case

Tony Richards, group CISO and head of consulting for Falanx Group, shares his thoughts on the recent breach of personal data of members of the Radisson Hotel Group’s loyalty scheme.

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81.5M Voter Records For Sale On Dark Web Ahead Of Midterm Elections

Tony Richards, group CISO at Falanx Group shares his thoughts on the recent nation-state politically motivated cyber attacks.

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