Protect your business against cyber threat.

20+ years cyber security expertise for SMEs through to FTSE 100 companies.

Your organisation is at risk

Cyber attacks costs British industry £34 billion a year. The risks are real and costing companies like yours millions in lost data, revenue and downtime.

Our Services

Falanx Cyber is a full service cyber company delivering complete end-to-end threat detection, risk management, security monitoring and incident response. We support our clients through managed services or ad-hoc delivery as needed.


Find out more about our services below:

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3 > Monitor

4 > Respond

All our services are underpinned by MidGARD

Falanx Cyber

Keep your business safe with Managed Detection & Response

Falanx delivers a complete end to end managed service that brings all of our services to you for a single monthly fee. We combine traditional cyber security services such as Penetration Testing, Consulting & Incident Response with our cutting edge managed service, MidGARD, to provide complete end to end coverage for your business. Find out more about our unique technology, MidGARD.
Threat Assessment

We work with you to define the threats that are relevant to you.

Flexible Monitoring

Protect your organisation with monitoring that is easy to justify, deploy and manage.


Complete end to end Security Incident and Event Management.

24 x 7 Protection

Get continuous protection and managed, remote monitoring with real-time cyber vigilance.

Get Compliant

Bring your business in line with industry standards like GDPR. Ensure you get compliant.

Rapid Response

If the worst should happen, our fast response capabilities save you downtime.

Incident Validation

Expert, real-time response to incidents by experienced Security Analysts.

Remediation Support

Experts at recovering your business from incidents and getting you back to business as usual.

“Working with Falanx we’ve been able to build information security into our IT solution from the design stages, safeguarding the information we process. All tests indicate we’ve developed a very strong, secure system”

Arne Wolters, The Health Foundation

“Falanx have always worked closely with us to define the correct scope to meet risk appetite and cost constraints and have been professional in every aspect of their approach. We continue to use Falanx for all of our testing needs and foresee this being the case for the future.”

James Crane, Seven Investment Management