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Understand the threats and risks relevant to your organisation
Falanx Cyber
Our services are designed to help you understand what the threat to your business is. From helping your discover what the most critical assets are in your environment through to testing them for weaknesses and determining the level of exposure you may be suffering.
Regardless of the service, it’s designed to help quantify the problem so that we can work together to solve it.
Red Team

Bespoke, targeted and objective led exercises designed to identify your weaknesses by any means necessary.

Penetration Test

Quantitative testing of your security controls to prove your level of defence to direct attack.

Social Engineering

A suite of tests that help you understand the human exposure within your organisation.


Targeted and bespoke campaigns designed to help you understand the exposure to a well known attack vector.

Vulnerability Assessment

Automated regular tests of your systems for known weaknesses to help ensure continual protection.

Mobile Assessments

Assessments of portable technologies, phones, tablets and anything exposed to mobility based threats.


NCSC mandated annual testing requirements for HMG and related Critical National Infrastructure.

Application Testing

Internet Technologies, Mobile Applications, API’s and everything in between. All application types can be tested.

Bench marking

How well do you do what you do? Validation is a useful tool in managing security.

Threat Assessments

Mapping the external threat landscape to your specific use of systems, processing of data and unique business needs.

Gap Assessments

ISO27001, PCI-DSS, CIS, CCM, NIST; regardless of the standard, we can sensibly assess you against it.

Cyber Essentials

Essentials or Essentials PLUS are a UK Gov standard for entry level cyber security. A good starting point for an SME.





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