Cyber Consultancy

Let us help you improve your systems, controls and threat profile
Falanx Cyber
Our cyber consultancy services are designed to support your business in protecting against and improving upon cyber threats. By working with you to understand your business we can create a partnership that delivers true value to your organisation.
We know cyber, you know your business. Let’s partner for success.

Accredited by the Payment Card Industry to advise and audit companies that store, process or transmit credit card data.


The virtual Chief Information Security Officer is the obvious choice for organisations that cannot justify the role full time.


Development, delivery, integration and audit of the global Information Security Management System.

Awareness Training

Delivery of unique, innovative training face to face and electronically to inform, add value, and effect change.

Policy Development

Implementation of Policy and control frameworks of any size to protect the organisation and provide basic governance.

Secure Architecture

Working with you to review existing, or develop new secure designs for your systems, infrastructure and platforms.

Project Assurance

Providing security governance, project oversight and much needed challenge into material projects.


Information Governance support in line with current and future guidelines to ensure you are doing the right things with the data you have.





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