Cyber Essentials

Cyber security certification is mandatory for organisations in the UK Government supply chain. Get the right level of support for your needs.

Are you certified?

In the last 12 months, one in four organisations reported a cyber attack or breach and many more undoubtedly went unreported. It’s important to take the initiative and act now to defend your business. Our government backed Cyber Essentials services ensures that you get the best advice and appropriate protection.

Avert cyber attacks with Cyber Essentials

Whether you’re already aware of the process but need access to our online portal to self-certify quickly and easily, or you need further support and assistance with self-certification, we can help. To gain the more demanding Cyber Essentials+ certification, we’ll take you through a pre-assessment, carry out gap analysis, advise on any remediation needed and help you with your submission.
Get application support

We can help you decide whether Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials+ is right for you.

Protect your organisation

Obtaining a Cyber Essentials badge is a recognised way to guard against cyber threats.

Prove commitment to safety

A Cyber Essentials certificate proves you have taken necessary precautions and are protected..

Show independent assurance

Displaying a Cyber Essentials badge shows your customers you take cyber defence seriously.

Meet government standards

Certification means meeting Government standards, a compelling selling point.

Bid for government contracts

A Cyber Essentials certificate enables your organisation to bid for government contracts.

“Working with Falanx we’ve been able to build information security into our IT solution from the design stages, safeguarding the information we process. All tests indicate we’ve developed a very strong, secure system”

Arne Wolters, The Health Foundation

“Falanx have always worked closely with us to define the correct scope to meet risk appetite and cost constraints and have been professional in every aspect of their approach. We continue to use Falanx for all of our testing needs and foresee this being the case for the future.”

James Crane, Seven Investment Management

Is my business a good fit?

Here are some questions we are often asked to help you decide. If you have any further questions about Cyber Essentials, please contact us via email or on (0)20 3747 4651.

How fast can I get Cyber Essentials Basic certified?

The certifying body (Falanx Cyber Defence) will require you to successfully complete a self-assessment questionnaire, and for Falanx Cyber Defence to execute an external perimeter scan of your estate. We can deliver this within one day.

Can you conduct a pre-assessment review?

Absolutely, one of our qualified consultants can come to your business and identify the controls which would cause a failure in the Cyber Essentials Plus assessment and provide appropriate remediation advice to prepare you for actual certification.

How fast can I get Cyber Essentials Plus certified?

Falanx Cyber Defence will require you to successfully complete a self-assessment questionnaire, and for Falanx Cyber Defence to validate this through conducting internal and external checks. We can deliver this within three days.

How much does the assessment cost?

The cost of assessments can range dependant on the size of the environment. Please contact Falanx Cyber Defence for a Cyber Essentials quotation.

What happens if we fail the assessment?

Don’t panic. Falanx Cyber Defence will provide you with a table of issues that caused the assessment failure and provide you with the right guidance, support and advice to remediate these issues.

How often will I need to renew my certification?

Both the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications must be renewed on an annual basis.

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