Monitoring Services

Our experts can hunt for threats in real time 24/7, 365 days a year so that you don’t have to.
Falanx Cyber
Our fully managed monitoring service is at the leading edge of capability. Most organisations aren’t aware of a breach until it’s too late, but systems within your technology landscape generate data and clues as to whether a hack is occurring. Our bespoke technology, MidGARD, collects data from your systems and packet flows and uses Machine Learning, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to support analysis by experts who work to detect malicious activity, finding the bad guys before they achieve their objectives.
Always on Guard

24x7x365 coverage of your technology estate by the latest technology on the market backed by true experts with years of experience.


Aligned to current regulations mandated in HMG for use on sensitive data systems.

UK Sovereign Service

100% UK based Security Operations Centre staffed by SC and DV cleared staff.

Traffic Analysis

Our technology can analyse network traffic in real-time as well as store a copy for later forensic analysis.

Log Collection

Highly flexible log collection capability allowing us to pull any type of data into the system for analysis.

Threat Pipeline

A bespoke threat pipeline that enriches content with valuable context to improve the investigation and remediation.

Hive Mind

Our unique approach to community intelligence. Each MidGARD deployment is an enrichment source for every other deployment.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence done right. A supporting technology that highlights issues to our experts in the SOC so they can make decisions.





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