Penetration Testing

Prevent unauthorised access to high value data and defend against potential permanent damage to your brand.

Are you secure?

Use our Penetration Testing service to confidently answer the question ‘is it secure?’ Real world attack scenarios mirror the target environments, systems, protocols, applications, people and processes that matter. Reporting on your exposure, direct fixes and areas for improvement helps your organisation be more secure.

Stress test your cyber defense capabilities

From comprehensive Red and Tiger team exercises to phishing assessments that measure how well your staff adhere to cyber safety measures. We proactively test infrastructure, applications, devices and web services to provide you with a complete overview of vulnerabilities and the potential consequences.
Reveal your vulnerabilities

See your security systems from an attacker’s eye perspective with penetration testing.

Effectively manage risk

Mitigate risks with penetration testing to reveal weaknesses and demonstrate attack vectors.

Meet compliance criteria

Avoid fines and meet regulatory requirements with penetration testing. Comply with ISO 27001.

Ensure service continuity

Avoid service disruption and the negative impact that a data breach has on business operations.

Maintain customer trust

Ensure customers stay loyal. Safeguard your company reputation with penetration testing.

Avoid costly downtime

Regular penetration testing avoids costly downtime. Don’t risk revenue or productivity.

“Working with Falanx we’ve been able to build information security into our IT solution from the design stages, safeguarding the information we process. All tests indicate we’ve developed a very strong, secure system”

Arne Wolters, The Health Foundation

“Falanx have always worked closely with us to define the correct scope to meet risk appetite and cost constraints and have been professional in every aspect of their approach. We continue to use Falanx for all of our testing needs and foresee this being the case for the future.”

James Crane, Seven Investment Management

Is my business a good fit?

Here are some questions we are often asked to help you decide. If you have any further questions about penetration testing, please contact us via email or on (0)20 3747 4651.

Will you advise which solution is best for me?

Yes, Falanx Cyber Defence take an objective driven approach. We always engage to first understand the risks and threats that your business will be exposed to and then deliver the most appropriate service.

Will Penetration Testing cause a network outage?

We adhere rigidly to the scope of engagement and operate to strict methodology. Network outages are extremely rare and you will always have direct access to the consultant should there be any concerns.

What are the time and cost implications?

Engagement durations are bespoke to fit our clients. We deliver services that closely align with individual requirements and objectives. Contact Falanx Cyber Defence today for a confidential conversation regarding your testing requirements.

What will my report look like?

Our reports follow a template to ensure consistent high quality. They feature an executive summary for non-technical stakeholders, and full technical breakdown for those involved in potential remediation. Example reports available on request.

What happens after a Penetration Test?

Post penetration test, we produce a comprehensive report including a high level overview and detailed technical breakdown of vulnerabilities. Get full remediation advice and an onsite debrief walking you through the report.

Will you physically test the security of my business?

Yes, we identify key concerns and requirements and develop a plan providing penetration testing services at a physical, on-site level. This can incorporate phishing, malicious device drops, tailgating, dumpster diving, and wireless network penetration testing.

Prevent cyber attacks with penetration testing today