Why MidGARD?


The world’s most advanced managed detection and response solution.

Combining a unique technology stack with world class service.


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Increased Cybercrime Threat

GDPR Compliance

Constant Switching between outsource and internal resource

Lack of team collaboration

Failure to cope with big data


Have all driven the need for a managed service, underpinned by a technology platform which harnesses the latest technology and matches the complexity and agility used by hackers.

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MidGARD delivers:

Speed of Identification and Response

Built in big data foundations, MidGARD is staggeringly fast. Dramatically speeding up threat identification and response.

Meaningful Data

MidGARD’s data enrichment engine adds additional context to data, improving its value and therefore the intelligence you can glean from it.

Crowd Sourced Intelligence

MidGARD learns from all incidents in the platform, meaning your organisation can be aware of live cyber threats before you are exposed to them.

A Fast Track to Compliance

MidGARD meets and exceeds the expectations of enterprise, Government and cloud ready networks for compliance, privacy and regulatory demands.

24/7 Service

The MidGARD platform is backed up by Falanx’s own UK based 24/7/365 SOC.

A Match for Malicious Hackers

MidGARD’s integration of emerging tech, including machine learning, AI, microservices and more, matches the sophisticated technologies adopted by hackers.

What is MidGARD?

MidGARD is an Advanced Threat Detection Platform. It brings together the latest technologies and techniques into a stream based processing engine that can analyse millions of events per second.
MidGARD is part of our Managed Detection & Response service and underpins our 24/7 monitoring capability. Provided as part of our service, you gain access to the latest in security innovation with the ability to interface with the technology as if you had bought a product.
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Key Features of MidGARD

Log Collection

Highly flexible log collection capability allowing us to pull any type of data into the system for analysis.

Traffic Analysis

Our technology can analyse network traffic in real-time as well as store a copy for later forensic analysis.

Threat Pipeline

A bespoke threat pipeline that enriches content with valuable context to improve the investigation and remediation.

Hive Mind

Our unique approach to community intelligence. Each MidGARD deployment is an enrichment source for every other deployment.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence done right. A supporting technology that highlights issues to our experts in the SOC so they can make decisions.

Web Portal

Fluid design driven UX that delivers intuitive access to data and issues.

Incident Flow

A user experience that matches the actual needs of a SOC and provides all the tools needed to quickly manage incidents.

Intelligent Collaboration

The latest approaches to collaboration, allowing customers to work hand-in-hand with Falanx.

MidGARD for your business

MidGARD is available as an enterprise or SME solution.

MidGARD Enterprise is priced based on quantity of log sources collected. The MidGARD platform comes with storage that can be increased as required. A 12 month commitment underpins the combination of product and service provided, and full proof of concept trials can be arranged.
For SME’s MidGARD MicroSOC provides an enterprise grade solution for small businesses. Pricing is based on users and location and additional MicroSOC appliances can be added if more than one physical location is monitored.

Our Tech Stack

MidGARD is based on the latest innovations in the world of technology. Leveraging numerous Open Source technologies and a true “Micro Services Architecture”. The flexibility to innovate combined with our speed to deploy means that we can and will continually evolve the product while we deliver service to our clients. This means that any MidGARD deployment will benefit from a continuous upgrade and improvement path.

Machine Learning

MidGARD leverages Hadoop to implement a data lake inside our SOC Management platform. This data lake is where we are able to analyse both current and past data for unknown activity. As we believe that a machine left to learn on its own will be less than ideal, our machines interface with Threat Hunters in a Human – Machine loop where the machine highlights potential issues to the Analyst, and then the analyst can investigate and confirm or reject the issue, teaching the machine as we go.
We believe this is how machine learning should be done in cyber.

Is my business a good fit?

Here are some questions we are often asked to help you decide. If you have any further questions about MidGARD, please contact us via email info@falanxcyber.com or on (0)20 7856 9450.

Does MidGARD use multiple Intelligence feeds?

Yes, our platform has been designed to use multiple sources of external intelligence to continually enrich events it sees so that the analysts can have every piece of information at their fingertips to make a decision.

How is MidGARD priced?

Enterprise deployments are priced on quantity of log sources collected. The platform comes with storage that can be increased if needed. Collectors are available as virtual images or hardware appliances and priced separately.

Is this a product or a service?

This is a managed service. We wrap the technologies involved ensuring you only see the value. We’ll assist in the setup of the collectors within your environment and monitor the overall platform deployed for you.

How is the MicroSOC priced?

At the SME size, pricing is by users and locations. Typically broken down into 50, 100, 150, 200 users, with an extra fee for additional MicroSOC appliances if more than one physical location is monitored.

How many MidGARD collectors can I have?

In the enterprise class, a single virtual appliance is provided free of charge with the platform. Additional appliances and HA options are available on request and there is no limit on the quantity that can be deployed.

What is the minimum contract term?

We require a 12-month commitment to the service at either MidGARD Enterprise or MicroSOC levels. Proof of Concept trials can be arranged through your account manager.

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